“Magnetoresistive Sensors and Magnetic Systems”

The XMR-Symposium has established itself as the leading international platform for presenting the latest technological developments and innovative applications in the field of magnetoresistive technology and magnetic systems.

Both potential users, wishing to implement this unique magnetic technology in new products, and researchers engaged in this dynamic field, are provided with information about the latest technical advances as well as descriptions of new applications from leading edge users.

A hand-picked selection of experts from around the world provides first-hand information on the latest research results and newest applications of magnetoresistive technology. The presentations cover fundamental technological advances, e.g. in TMR (Tunnel MagnetoResistive) sensor technology, as well as a wide range of application examples for MR sensors, including robotics, aerospace, biosensors, mediacal equipment, non-destructive  testing, industrial automation and electromobility. In addition to this there are presentations describing the latest results from EU- and BMBF-funded R&D projects in this exciting field.

The next XMR-Symposium will take place in March 2021!

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